Breakfast & Snacks Recipes

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~~The satisfaction of feeding and getting a big smile in return is always a pleasure~~

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Party Ideas
April Fool::: HamburgerApril Fool::: Cinnamon Fries
McD mini Hamburger & Cinnamon Fries
*Coca-Cola Drumlets
Coca-Cola Simmered Drumlets
*Korean Appetizer - Sweet Ikan Bilis with Cucumber
Korean Sweet Anchovies with Cucumber
*Chicken Breast Nuggets
Secret to make KFC Chicken Nuggets!

Truffle Fries

Seaweed Shaker Fries

Tortilla Wrap Pizza Mix & Match Topping Ideas

Snack Ideas

Homemade Pork Bakkwa a.k.a. Chinese Pork Jerky Recipe

Rice Krispies Bar Recipe (different varieties ideas)

Honey Butter Roasted Nuts

Mild Spicy Roasted Nuts

It can be any Sandwiches below or these!
Breakfast Exploration!
Big Breakfast Idea ONE ^_^
Instant Noodles Cafe Style
Noodles Exploration I::: Similar to Cafe Style Ham & Egg Instant Noodle Set!! *Slurps*
Lor Mai Kai / Glutinous Chicken Rice / 糯米鸡
Lor Mai Kai / Dim Sum Glutinous Chicken Rice / 糯米鸡
Butter Milk Pancakes
Home made Butter Milk Batter Pancakes

Breakfast Cup Exploration ::: White Bread + Streaky Bacon + Egg

Peanut Butter French Toast (Hong Kong Cafe Style)

Kaya Butter Toast Set Recipe

KFC Chicken Sandwich
KFC Chicken Sandwich
Homecook::: Triple Decker ToastHomemade::: Triple Decker Sandwiches
Triple-Decker Sandwich
Tuna Croissant
Flaky Tuna Mayo Croissant
Bacon, Grilled Ham, Hash Browns, Egg, Salad Sandwich-1
Bacon, Grilled Ham, Hash Browns, Egg, Salad Sandwich
*Cheddar Cheese Toast 1
Cheddar Cheese Toast

Egg Mayonnaise Sandwiches